Rules for using the server owned by

If the server is down, there is no refund obligation or replacement server the user from the supplier.

When purchasing a server, there is no warranty period, right of withdrawal or right of complaint due to the service being provided by private individuals.

If the server is shut down, the user responsible for the contract does not have the right to demand a refund or replacement product.

The price may change due to high load or time.

If the server is used for violations of Swedish or international law, users will be shut down without compensation or claims on the supplier, offenses will be reported to the appropriate authority.

If the server is used for pornographic or incitement against ethnic groups, users will be shut down immediately without compensation or demands from the provider.

Rules may change over time for irregularities or technical conditions that may arise.

Users can not transfer the server to another party and that the user is responsible for all content that is handled and distributed via the server.

If users are suspended as above, users do not have the right to use the server anymore and no compensation is paid to users.

Regulations for the server must be followed by the user's account, and the user's account is responsible for all responsibility for the user's account documents.

Server is paid on the same date the following month, if the date does not exist the following month, the payment must be made the first of the month after the payment month.

The service is activated after the first payment.

If payment has not been made, the associated services will be terminated.

Termination before the end of the service will not be refunded to users.

By using the server, this agreement is accepted by users automatically